Asako Nakamura
Asako anime design
 Kanji 中村麻子(なかむら あさこ)
 Romaji Nakamura Asako
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 14
 Gender Female
 Manga Debut Chapter 1
 Anime Debut Episode 1
 Japanese VA Komatsu Mikako (TV)
Amano Yuri (OVA)
 English VA Allison Sumrall (OVA)

Asako Nakamura (中村麻子, Nakamura Asako) is a hot-headed, tomboyish childhood friend of Ushio and Mayuko. She and Ushio love each other the most, and she also cares for Mayuko a lot. Her family owns a ramen restaurant.



Asako is a kind-hearted, friendly and cheerful girl. However, she's also stubborn, short-tempered and violent, especially around Ushio.

Relationships Edit

Ushio Aotsuki Edit

Asako's love interest and childhood friend. Asako always argues with Ushio about anything, insult each other and deny they have feelings deeper than friendship for each other. Despite this, Asako clearly loves Ushio a lot

In the late episodes, Hakumen no mono's power causes Asako to forget Ushio and Tora(hiyou remove their memories) and she is kidnapped along with Mayuko by the east and west guardians. Any one who knew Ushio and Tora had forgetten them excpet for Saya and Omamori-sama. Tokisaka had travelled to the future and foretold that the beast spear would be shattered and that ead to the case where the east and west guardians wanted to make a new beast spear. Jie Mei was the sacrifice that made the beast spear, Mayuko bearing Jie Mei's blood was offered as the sacrifice before Asako stated that Mayuko's power could trap Hauken no Mono, thus offering herself as the sacrifice. When stepping into the furnace, she is saved by Ushio.

Mayuko Inoue Edit

Asako's best friend. They are rarely seen without each other.


Power & AbilitiesEdit