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Ushio's Fated Meeting
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Chapter Info
 Volume 1
 Chapter 1
 Japanese Title 序章「うしおととらであうの縁」
 Romanized Title Joshō: Ushio to Tora deau no en
 Total Pages 34
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-06
Chapter Chronology
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Prologue: Ushio's Fated Meeting (序章「うしおととらであうの縁」, Joshō: Ushio to Tora deau no en) is the 1st chapter in the series.



Ushio was arguing with his father, but ended up beaten. He went to clean the warehouse, where he accidentally found a basement. In it he found Tora, a yokai who was held there for the past 500 years by a spear and understood that his father stories are true. After some talk with the yokai and refusing to free him, since he wanted to eat the humans, he left him in the basement and went out and went back in the house understanding that his father have left for a week.

In the mean time, Asako along with Mayuko have come to the temple, so that Asako get her notebook back from Ushio. Upon Ushio seeing them, he also saw some bug and fish monsters and tried to chase them, but understood that he was the only one seeing them, so he went back to Tora. He told him that his youki was let out of the basement and soon those small monsters will become big and will start eating the humans. After Tora promising he will kill them if Ushio release him, Ushio agreed, but once he was fred, Tora tried to kill Ushio. But Ushio was still holding the spear and suddenly started transforming and then attacked Tora, reminding him of his past and how he ended up holded for 500 years, so he tried to run.

Outside the fish and bug monsters were forming one big one, but then Ushio ordered Tora to attack it first, and he will deal the finishing blow. Scared Tora followed his orders and they went and defeated the monster. Ushio said what the speak is and it had told him, and told Tora that he will stay there, since more yokai's will be coming because of his youki in the basement. Both of them decided on their mind that eventually when they get the chance, they will kill the other.


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