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Lord Gamin
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Chapter Info
 Volume 2
 Chapter 10
 Japanese Title 第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ壱 餓眠様
 Romanized Title Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sonoichi: Gaminsama
 Total Pages 24
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-27
Chapter Chronology
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Story 3: Tora Goes to Town, Part 1: Lord Gamin (第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ壱 餓眠様, Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sonoichi: Gaminsama) is 10th chapter in the series.



The chapters opens with construction workers, trying to dig out a rock. An old man tried to tell them to not touch the stone, since it's seal stone for a youkai. They didn't listen and wanted to do quick job and to not slow down the project. They lifted the rock and from the boxes it was holding down, a flying heads came out and ate the men, while saying they want to eat Hizaki Mikado.

On the next morning, Ushio came running out of the toiled, after Tora tried to attack him there. Ushio heard on the news about the horrible accident at the construction and though it was Tora's doing. He attacked Tora, even though Tora was saying it wasn't his doing. As Tora was loosing, he decided to retreat since not eating for so long, made him unable to extract all of his power, so he told Ushio will he return stronger after he eats enough humans.

Mayuko had a phone conversation with Asako, which told her she won't be able to go out with her, due to her father getting leg injury. Having a free day, Mayuko decided to go out alone and do things she wants. As Ushio was looking for Tora, he passed by the construction and saw an old man telling the police it was Lord Gamin's doing. He helped the old man and saw in his book a picture that looks like Mayuko. He asked the man and he told him that this is Hizaki Mikado and about the yokai she sealed.


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