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A Town Full of Dangers
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Chapter Info
 Volume 2
 Chapter 11
 Japanese Title 第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ弐 街の中には危険がいっぱい!
 Romanized Title Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sononi: Machi no nakaniha kiken ga ippai!
 Total Pages 18
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-28
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Story 3: Tora Goes to Town, Part 2: A Town Full of Dangers (第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ弐 街の中には危険がいっぱい!, Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sononi: Machi no nakaniha kiken ga ippai!) is 11th chapter in the series.



Tora was in the city and was not able to understand what is all of this. He found the human clothes, cars, building and all for quite strange. He even was surprised that they were so many humans at one place, but found that as something good since he can eat as much as he wants. He jumped on the street, but stepped on a gum and had a lot of trouble trying to remove it. In the mean time he god hit by a car, since no one was able to see him. Getting angry, he started chasing cars asking which one hit him, before he crashed in a post and got even more angry. He released a lighting hitting the nearby cars and saw a car "starring" at him, which annoyed him and he decided to teach them a lesson and cut few cars to pieced for picking the wrong guy to mess up with.

Mayuko was walking in town, while 2 guys tried to ask her to go out with them. She refused telling that she is not interested in the things they suggested. In the mean time, the old man told the story of Hizaki Mikado which his grandfather wrote in his journal. After many people died at the Shizaru hills, Hiaki Mikado appeared and defeated the youkai and sealed them. The old man's grandfather was still a child when he become a witness to that. Hizaki told him to tell the people to not move the stone, or the youkai will be freed. Ushio asked him how he started to believe this story and the old man told him that in his earlier days, he dug out the bottom of the rock an saw a wooden box from which he heard the youkai saying he will get his revenge and eat Hizaki. Ushio understood that if the youkai finds Mayuko, it will think it's Hizaki and eat her. At the same time Lord Gamin was running in town, looking for Hizaki and eating similar looking women.


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