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Tora's Civilization Allergy
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Chapter Info
 Volume 2
 Chapter 12
 Japanese Title 第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ参 とらと 文明あれるぎい
 Romanized Title Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sonosan: Tora to bunmei areru gī
 Total Pages 18
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-29
Chapter Chronology
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Story 3: Tora Goes to Town, Part 3: Tora's Civilization Allergy (第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ参 とらと 文明あれるぎい, Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sonosan: Tora to bunmei areru gī!) is 12th chapter in the series.



Tora was surprised to see how strange the world is and didn't understood what were they doing. He looked inside a building and decided to eat the humans from there. He tried to eat a kid, who was able to see him, but he was stopped by the window. He tried to pass through it, but wasn't able to. Then he decided to go eat other humans, but just as he was about to bite a woman, he got turned off by her smell. He went for other humans, but the cologne and the perfume was turning him off and making him sneeze.

In the mean time, Ushio was speaking with the old man about Lord Gamin. As he understood that the youkai will eat Mayuko if he finds her, he tried calling her at home. Her mother told him that she went out, he asked the old man for help and they went with his car to search for her. Lord Gamin were moving from place to place eating humans similar to their target.

Mayuko was in a burger shop eating one, while recalling that she brought a book and that Asako will scold her for not using any cologne like all other people. Outside of that shop, Tora was disappointed that he can't eat a single human, due to their smell. Then he saw Mayuko, who didn't had any perfume smell or metal things on her. As he went to eat her, he felt something and then saw Lord Gamin coming towards Mayuko saying they found her.


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