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Tora Intervenes
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Chapter Info
 Volume 2
 Chapter 13
 Japanese Title 第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ四 とら推参!
 Romanized Title Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sonoshi: Tora suizan!
 Total Pages 18
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-30
Chapter Chronology
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Story 3: Tora Goes to Town, Part 4: Tora Intervenes (第三章「とら街へゆく」, 其ノ四 とら推参!, Daisanshō: Tora machi e yuku, Sonoshi: Tora suizan!!) is 13th chapter in the series.



Lord Gamin tried to eat Mayuko, but Ushio came in time and stopped them. He told Mayuko to run, while he remain to fight them. They were able to overcame Ushio easily and went after Mayuko, who was able to enter an elevator before they reached her.

Outside Tora was angry for them trying to eat his human and went after them. Lord Gamin attacked the elevator and made Mayuko fall from it. She was caught in the air by Tora little before they were able to eat her and claimed that this his woman and went on the rooftop. There Lord Gamin told Tora to give her or they will eat him, which made Tora angry and crushed one of the heads, asking who will eat who.


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