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Disappearance at the Old School House
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Chapter Info
 Volume 1
 Chapter 2
 Japanese Title 第一章「石喰い」 其ノ壱 旧校舎に消ゆ
 Romanized Title Daiisshō: Ishikui, Sonoichi: Kyū Kōsha ni Shōyu
 Total Pages 24
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-07
Chapter Chronology
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Story 1: The Stone Eater, Part 1: Disappearance at the Old School House (第一章「石喰い」, 其ノ壱 旧校舎に消ゆ, Daiisshō: Ishikui, Sonoichi: Kyū Kōsha ni Shōyu) is 2nd chapter in the series.



Tora was watching TV and upon seeing a samurai in it, he cut it in half, which woke up Ushio and made him angry for breaking the TV. After that Ushio went to school, taking the spear wrapped up in sheets and Tora followed him there. He had some argument and fight with Tora, but since no one was able to see Tora, Ushio looked strange to the others. Some students tried to make Ushio join a sports club, since he is terrible at painting and there is no point to be in the art club, but that made Ushio angry.

Asako and Mayuko came, wondering if yesterday was just a dream and Asako acted tough, telling it was, but Ushio then wondered why she cried on his shoulder, which only brought even more sparks between him and Asako. They told Ushio they will be going to the old school house, since they will be transporting some old books and items. Tora understood that Ushio likes Asako and mentioned it, which resulted in Ushio hitting him again and entering in another fight with him.

In the old school house, Asako, Mayuko and some other students, were getting goose-bums from the old setting. Mayuko mentioned that Asako likes Ushio, which picked the interest of the others girls and only annoyed Asako. Upon seeing the books and the old stone statue, Asako looked closer and saw something in it's eye and got scared for a moment, but then all continued with moving the books but felt its have become cold.

Ushio was in class hearing a lecture about the Battle of Sekigahara, which was quite interesting for Tora. Then the spear told Ushio something and he quickly grabbed it and run towards the old school house. On the way, he saw a girl which was half turned to stone and Tora mentioning it's a stone eater's job.


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