The Beast Spear Revealed
Chapter 003
Chapter Info
 Volume 1
 Chapter 3
 Japanese Title 第一章「石喰い」 其ノ弐 獣の槍発揮
 Romanized Title Daiisshō: Ishikui, Sononi: Jū no Yari Hakki
 Total Pages 24
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-08
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Story 1: The Stone Eater, Part 2: The Beast Spear Revealed (第一章「石喰い」, 其ノ弐 獣の槍発揮, Daiisshō: Ishikui, Sononi: Jū no Yari Hakki) is 3rd chapter in the series.



Upon seeing the girl body turning to stone, Ushio headed directly towards the old school house. At the school house, the principal was giving interview on the possible kidnapped girls, while Tora and Ushio was standing on the side of the building. Ushio asked Tora about the Stone Eater, but Tora refused to help him, since he is a monster. Then Ushio transformed, telling him in that case he will have to kill him. After a small fight, he was able to pin Tora's hand to the ground and he quickly gave up. Tora told him about the monster and the barrier it creates.

Inside the old school house, Asako and Mayuko were seen not turned to stone and behind a barrier asking the police men for help, but no one was seeing or hearing them. The stone warrior then asked them if they are afraid and that he will eat them, but Asako even though it was scared, she wasn't giving up. Then from the mouth of the warrior, a stone snake-like creatures came out and bitten Asako, starting to turn her to stone.

Ushio ran between the police officers, who wasn't able to stop him and went inside the school house. Upon seeing the barrier, he slashed it with the spear and broke it. He was immediately attacked by the stone warrior and Ushio quickly defeated it, but Tora told him that wasn't his real body. And then a snake-like creature bitten Ushio to the neck, making him drop the spear and start turning to normal human and to stone.


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