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Chapter Info
 Volume 1
 Chapter 6
 Japanese Title 第二章「絵に棲む鬼」, 其ノ弐 間崎
 Romanized Title Dainishō: Eni sumu oni, Sononi: Masaki
 Total Pages 24
 Shonen Sunday Issue 1990-23
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Story 2: The Oni in the Painting, Part 2: Masaki (第二章「絵に棲む鬼」, 其ノ弐 間崎, Dainishō: Eni sumu oni, Sononi: Masaki) is 6th chapter in the series.



Seeing the Oni, they realized he was the reason for the accidents. Tora mentioned it's probably her father. In Reiko's home, she remembered her father death and how she promised that she won't leave him.

Ushio went to Asako's father noodle shop and soon after that Asako came. Seeing her little cold attitude towards Ushio, her father told him that she always talks about him in their home, which made Asako angry and she hit him. Ushio asked Asako for information about Reiko, since they were in the same class. She told Ushio about how Reiko came to school, opened to the people, but then the accidents started and that she blamed herself and tried to commit suicide. And after that she started to stay away from people.

Walking home, Tora was annoyed that Ushio thinks only how to help Reiko and it's not fun anymore as he can eat him any moment now. They met Masaki, who told Ushio to stop getting close to Reiko, but he refused and they had a fight. After the fight Masaki explained that he was a childhood friend of Reiko. In the mean time, the Oni was seen coming out of a painting in Reiko's home.


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