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Rock Eater
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Episode Info
 Kanji 石喰い
 Romaji Ishikui
 Air Date July 10, 2015
 Episode Direction Fujise Jun`ichi
 Storyboard Nishimura Satoshi
 Screenplay Inoue Toshiki
 Animation Direction Abiru Takahiko
Episode Chronology
Episode 1 Episode 3

Rock Eater (石喰い, Ishikui) is the 2nd episode of Ushio and Tora TV series.



"One day, I'll destroy you with this spear," swore Ushio, as his odd adventures with the giant youkai which he named "Tora" began. Tora was also looking for an opportunity to eat Ushio. While this bizarre combination became a thing, an old stone armor that was in one of the old school buildings of Ushio's junior high assaulted some of the students. One by one, students were being turned to stone, and then the evil spirit was now going after Ushio's childhood friends, Asako and Mayuko...


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