Ushio & Tora Wiki
 Kanji 餓眠
 Romaji Gamin
 Species Youkai
 Status Deceased
 Gender 3 male & 2 female
 Manga Debut Chapter 10
 Anime Debut Episode 4

Gamin (餓眠, Gamin) was a group of five bodiless, floating head youkais originally known as the Hitouban family. A long time ago, they came from the continent (Asia) and eventually settled at Shirazu Hill. At this location, they were able to easily find and eat human prey, until Mikado Hizaki came along and sealed them beneath the Keystone. This is where they remained for many years, their grudge steadfast and their hatred for Mikado building. Eventually, in modern times, a local construction project led to the removal of the Keystone, and the subsequent release of the Gamin. Once freed, they sought to devour Mikado as an act of revenge, though she had long passed by this point. Realizing as much, the Gamin settled on the idea of eating any of her living descendants instead, but were defeated by Tora and Ushio before they could do so.




Powers and abilities[]