Kanji ギリョウ
 Romaji Giryō
 Species Spirit
 Status Deceased
 Gender Male
 Relatives Jiemei (sister)
 Japanese VA Miyano Mamoru (TV)

Giryou (ギリョウ, Giryō) is the son and apprentice of a disgraced blade-maker and priest, Giryou learned from his father while living with his mother and beloved sister, Jie Mei. In order to regain favor and honor from the emperor, Giryou and his father learned various techniques to create holy blades and tried one. The blade came out well but was useless when it was used to fight Hakumen no Mono.

In the ensuing conflict, Giryou's parents were killed,leaving him with only his sister. When he was alone, he spoke of a forbidden method of forging holy blades: Human Sacrifice. Unfortunately, Jiemei overheard and urged her brother to make a good blade before she threw herself into the forge.

Driven mad with his sister's sacrifice, Giryou forged the blade and hammered his very body into it, which became the shaft, resulting in the Beast Spear, a holy weapon with the purpose of slaying yokai and fulfilling Giryou's thirst for revenge against Hakumen no Mono for the death of his parents, and by indirect extant, his sister.




Power & AbilitiesEdit