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I am Hakumen no Mono. And in my sacred name... ALL SHALL PERISH BEFORE ME!
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An extremely powerful, white nine-tailed fox born from ancient times who enjoys destroying countries by manipulating the rulers and creating fear among humans and Yōkai.

Originally, he is trapped in an immense psychic barrier maintained by a lineage of lady shamans under the southern sea of Japan. However, this didn't make him completely helpless and Hakumen plotted to destroy the Beast Spear before it finally escaped from his imprisonment.


Each of the nine tails has specific abilities and can spawn various minion Yōkai and avatars, that can phase through the barrier to do its bidding. The avatars of Hakumen no Mono are some of the strongest monsters ever faced by the protagonists.

Hakumen no mono is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara.


Hakumen is over 2000 years old, and currently his origins is unknown, although he mentions that he was once a spirit with no fixed shape which split into light and darkness, and the light became humanity meaning Hakumen no Mono is as old as humankind. He thrives on the fear of both humans and Yōkai, and the more they fear it means Hakumen grows stronger, which is why he constantly brings terror and into countries. Doing so instills fear among the people, and feeds on it in order to increase his own power. After destroying an empire in China, it began to move on to a new country, but during its journey, He was attacked by the Beast Spear and found its powers all but useless against the holy weapon. He managed to escape but found itself faced with thousands of Yōkai, along with a powerful priestess, Yuki, a reincarnation of Jie Mei, the girl who gave her life to create the Beast Spear. Knowing he was at a disadvantage, Hakumen pretended to retreat in their wake but really he led them to a situation where Yuki was forced to stop the Yōkai from attacking Hakumen, who had fixed itself into the base of Japan below the sea: If Hakumen was moved from this base, he would collapse and Japan would sink into the sea, destroying every life on it. Yuki created a powerful barrier to imprison Hakumen and keep the Yōkai out. And since then, Hakumen has bided its time, awaiting the day it would be free to destroy without limit and bring despair to all once more.


Hakumen is destruction incarnate, it has no qualms with killing and manipulating others into doing his dirty work. He is a sadist in the purest sense of the word, relishing pain and despair in any form. Hakumen is extremely intelligent, being capable of plotting ingenious plans of action.


  • Tora

The one who gave essentially gave form to Hakumen. Through his life and hardships, when he was still human, Hakumen fed off his hatred and negative emotions until finally gaining physical body for himself. Tora played a huge role in Hakumen's defeat 800 years ago.

  • Ushio

As wielder and companion of the Beast Spear, Hakumen plots to destroy both them and the spear. Recognizing the spear's master, Ushio and the demon, Tora to be symbols of hope for both humans and Yōkai, Hakumen manipulates his avatars from within the barrier to threaten the duo by sending minions to impede their journey. At one point, Hakumen also sends special demon insects to wipe the memories of those who know them, all to destroy their own hopes.

An avatar in the form of an enigmatic lady who suddenly appeared to assist the renegade Kouhamei monk, Inasa, in his research to create the Elzaar Scythe. After Inasa died, Towako acted as Kirio's mom and through the boy, manipulated a group of Kouohamei Sect monks to abduct the Beast Spear. She did managed to partially destroy the Beast Spear but it was revived by Ushio's pledge.

  • The Oyakume

​A linage of power female shamans meant to maintain the barrier that both seals and protects Hakumen in order to keep Japan from collapsing into the sea. They boast powerful psychic powers and for all except one, look the same. There have been three generations of Oyakume tasked with the seal: Yuki, Mikado Hizaki, and Sumako Aotsuki with the next in line being Mayuko Inoue.

Powers and abilities

  • Shumuna: Hakumen's first tail in form of mist with a human face in the center, used primarily for defense, corrosive abilities capable of disintegrating enemies or attacks before they can even reach him.
  • Kuragi: Hakumen's second tail in form of a giant cricket-like monster that easily broke through the protective barrier of the Kouhamei Sect Main Headquarters. It possesses razor-sharp claws as well as a body that can reflect standard attacks.
  • Towako: Hakumen's third tail in form of a giant woman with monstrous strength and breathing fire.
  • Ayakashi: Hakumen's fourth tail in form of a giant sea serpent monster that can swallow soul of the deceased. It possessed a skin so thick that even Beast Spear had hard time piercing through.
  • Black Horde(Kokuen): Hakumen's fifth and sixth tail. Powerful clones created using Guren as the base. Therefore, resembling black Azafuses.
  • Hiyō: Hakumen's fifth and sixth tail. Small Yōkai minions spawned from Hakumen that looks like a flying eyeball with ears that can overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers or merge together to form a stronger entity. They're also capable of eating specific memories in humans and monsters alike.
  • Wind and Lightning: Hakumen's seventh tail replicated Tora's powers of Wind and Lightning. This power was likely created to counter Tora as he played a huge role in his defeat 800 years ago. It was able to conjure huge tornadoes and lightning storms.
  • Tail of Spears: Hakumen's eighth tail replicated the beast spear. This power was created in recognition and fear of the Beast Spear and to counter it if need be. The blades on this tail could extend and seemed to be unbreakable even by the beast spear.
  • Breath Attack: Hakumen unleashed a devastating breath attack from his mouth that was able to destroy whole islands.
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