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Hyou anime design.jpg
 Kanji ヒョウ
 Romaji Hyō
 Species Human
 Status Dead
 Gender Male
 Relatives Hai Fong (wife)
Lei Xia (daughter)
 Manga Debut Chapter 14
 Anime Debut Episode 5
 Japanese VA Namikawa Daisuke (TV)

Hyou (ヒョウ, Hyō) is a powerful Chinese exorcist, highly skilled in geomancy, usage of seals and flying spears. He travels around China and eventually comes to Japan to seek the yokai who killed his wife, Hai Fong, and his daughter, Lei Xia, and took out his right eye and left three long scars on his face. In his right eye socket now is a magical blue crystal ball used to save his life by his teacher. Hyou initially thinks Tora is the one who murdered his family, but Ushio convinces him Tora is innocent, and Hyou later calms down a little, becoming a valued ally.

Hyou eventually meets his family's killer, the black Azafuse Guren. They engage in battle but it ends in a draw but Hyou manages to pierce Guren's side with one of his charmed blades, which will enable him to track the youkai. Before leaving, he shares some sake with Ushio and Tora.

Tracked Guren he did, and Hyou engaged the demon in a bitter fight ot the death while protecting an actress and her 7 year-old daughter, Kaori. The battle was fierce, both Hyou and Guren sustaining grievous injuries, but Guren found his lightning useless as Hyou used his magic blue eye to absorb the lightning into it. Finally, Hyou ripped his magic eye out and thrust it down Guren's throat, losing his arm in the process.

Guren gloated, certain victory was his until he saw that Hyou had stuffed his very body with seals, the parchments flaying from his bloody stump where his arm had been. And Hyou revealed that his eye had absorbed Guren's lightning but without him controlling the eye, the energy inside the eye, which was now in Guren's belly, would explode. Outraged, Guren made one last ditch effort to kill Hyou but exploded from his own lightning.

Hyou died in the actress's arms as he recalled the night he went home to his family but instead of seeing them dead, he saw, in his mind, his wife and daughter there to welcome him home. And he died with a smile on his face.