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 Romaji Inasa
 Species Human
 Status Deceased
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Kouhamei Sect (Defected)

The House of The Whisperers (Founder)

 Anime Debut Episode 22
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Inasa was a priest of the Kouhamei Sect but defected when he began to express ideas of creating a stronger weapon then the Beast Spear throuh use of combining Western and Eastern Magic.

He built his laboratory in a facility in the mountains which came to be known as he House of Whispers. There he conducted many experiments, some to create stronger weapons than the Beast Spear, others to make artificial lifeforms called Hommunculi from the genetic materials of Yokai. In this, he resulted in a successful specimen he dubbed Kuin.

But a great deal many of Inasa's experiments ended in failure, those in regard to his pursuit in creating a mysterious subject called Materia, as well as his ultimate yokai-slaying weapon to overshadow the Beast Spear.

Finally, he met a woman who shared his interests, and introduced herself as Towako. With her help, his experiments flourished and he finally created a succesful weapon in the form of a scythe. The technique used to create it was, according to Towako, created by a 12th century scholar Bormas Elzaar, prompting Inasa to named the weapon the Elzaar Scythe. Towako became the driving force in Inasa's experiments, and he finally asked her for her reason for helping him. Sh responded she shared a common interest in the destruction of Hakumen no Mono but the Kouhamei Sect were too fixated on the Beast Spear. And Towako proposed to Inasa they make the Sect see their point of view by destroying the holy weapon.

A year after meeting Towako, Inasa wrote an entry into his diary talking about his succeses in making the Elzaar Scythe and the Battle Beast Kuin. But his true objective was to create the perfect human via Materia. A human literally born with talent, power, and potential: A perfect being of sorts. All of his experiments ended n failure, some of these beings could not live through the fetal stages and those that did simply did not last long. Finally, Towako made a frightening proposition: Create Materia with a human infant that she stole. A year later, the infant they experimented sucessfully on had grown to the equivalent of a pre-adolescent. This child was Kirio.

But the moment Towako proposed to using an innocent child as a test subject, Inasa grew to fear her. The fear grew and grew until finally Towako realized he might turn against her. She poisoned him and raised Kirio herself.