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Jie Mei
Jiemei anime design.jpg
 Kanji ジエメイ
 Romaji Jie Mei
 Species Spirit
 Status Deceased
 Gender Female
 Relatives Giryou (brother)
 Japanese VA Hanazawa Kana (TV)
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Jie Mei (ジエメイ, Jie Mei) was born in ancient China over 2000 years ago as the daughter of a blade-maker, and had a brother named Giryou. Their parents were murdered by Hakumen no Mono, and Jiemei overheard her brother speaking of a forbidden method to create holy blades: Human Sacrifice. Jiemei killed herself by throwing herself into the forge so that her brother could do this, and it drove him mad as he forged a blade and hammered it until his body became the shaft.

Jiemei is a spirit who appears from time to time to guide Ushio and his friends.




Power & Abilities[]