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Kirio Inasa
Kirio anime design.jpg
 Kanji 引狭霧雄(いなさ きりお)/キリオ
 Romaji Inasa Kirio
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Gender Male
 Affiliations The House of The Whisperers (former)

Kouhamei Sect (current)

 Relatives Towako (Foster Mother)

Kuin (partner)

 Japanese VA Han Megumi (TV)

Kirio Inasa (引狭霧雄, Inasa Kirio) is one of the candidates of the Beast Spear, and an experimental human. As an infant he was stolen from his family by Towako, a mysterious woman scientist, to use for experiments regarding yokai. His growth was accelerated while he was modified to become a perfect weapon against Hakumen no Mono. He was given a yokai-killing weapon called the Elzar Scythe and an artificial Yokai protector named Kuin.



Power & Abilities[]

In the anime, Kirio is the result of the 6 Key Spirits brought together. kuin is said to be the power that created and can destroy the world. It has the ability to control all spirits (Ex-Machina was the only spirit that couldn't be controlled by Kirio). Kirio needed to merge with the true savior, who appeared to be Zed (Zed, Mirette, Noa, and Sagiri are considered saviors because they were chosen by key spirits), and its goal turned out to be the creation of a world that only included spirits. Zed was able to stop Kirio due to the influence of Jiko, who appeared in his conscience - separating himself and Ushio from Kirio. Once Ushio separated Kuin, Kirio was thrown off balance and defeated. Kirio's abilities consist of close combat fighting, the manipulation of other spirits, the original 6 key spirit's abilities, and the unleashing of meteor showers that destroy the land. In the director's cut of the anime Kirio is shown to be the excrement of the being that created the world.