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Michio Hanyuu
 Kanji 羽生 道雄 (はにゅう みちお)
 Romaji Hanyū Michio
 Species Human/Youkai
 Status Deceased
 Gender Male
 Relatives Reiko Hanyuu (daughter)
 Manga Debut Chapter 6
 Anime Debut Episode 3
 Japanese VA Miyake Kenta (TV)

Michio Hanyuu (羽生 道雄 Aotsuki Ushio) is the father of Reiko Hanyuu and a famous painter. After his wife cheated on him, he started holding a dark hatred against people. Due to this hatred his soul moved into last final painting turning him into an Oni (鬼). As an Oni, he kills anyone who gets close to his daughter in order for her to stay at his side forever.



Before his death and his wife broke his heart he seemed to be a kind and caring person. Caring deeply for his daughter.

However after the incident with his wife his perception of people changed to a warped and depraved view, seeing all people as evil.

As an Oni he is extremely protective of his daughter to such a degree he will kill anyone who gets close to her. This is for two reasons. The first reason is to save his daughter from the pain he felt in his life, and the second reason is to keep her by his side for the rest of her life.


Before Michio died he was a caring husband and father, after his wife cheated on him and broke his heart he became deranged. Holding a deep seaded hatred for humanity he put all his pain and anguish into his final working trapping his soul into the painting, turning him into the Oni we see in episode 3.

Powers and abilities[]