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Nagare Akiba
Nagare anime design.jpg
 Kanji 秋葉流(あきば ながれ)
 Romaji Akiba Nagare
 Species Human
 Status Dead
 Gender Male
 Affiliations Kouhamei Sect
 Japanese VA Hosoya Yoshimasa (TV)
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Nagare Akiba (秋葉流, Akiba Nagare) is a gifted monk that is often regarded as a genius. Because of Nagare's talent he was named as one of the Candidates for the Beast Spear, but after meeting Ushio and Tora, decided to stop pursuing the beast spear.


Nagare Akiba is a tall and relatively well built man with quite broad shoulders. His face is fairly long and angular and he is often seen with a pleasant smile on his face. Nagare has blond hair which he often has combed back. His thick, dark eyebrows do not match his light blond hair.

Nagare often appears with his motocycle, and therefore often wears a green biker jacket and blue jeans. When on or with his bike, he often wears a dark helmet with biker goggles. His shoes are silver.


Nagare is a laid back and calm individual who is regularly shown smiling or being cheerful. His attitude means that he never goes all out and often turns from a fight if it poses true danger. However, he holds a desire to fight Tora no matter the cost despite hiding or ignoring this.

However, it is later shown Nagare is often bored with his life as no matter how hard others try, he will win. In order to stem the boredom Nagare never tries his best. In series two, Hakumen no Mono's minion latches on to this, causing Nagare to attack Ushio and Tora.


Nagare is first intoduced as a potentiol successor for the beast spear, however, after meeting and fighting Ushio and Tora, he states that he will no longer persue the beast spear.

When Hakumen no Mono's minion convinces Nagare's to switch sides, he goes to find Ushio and Tora, informing Ushio that he switched sides and that he was a bad person. Later on, they meet again but Ushio won't believe in Nagare's decision. Nagare is killed in the battle with Tora that followed, however he elaborates on his efforts to always hold back and how Ushio's trusting eyes annoy him.

Power & Abilities[]