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Saya Takatori
Saya anime design.jpg
 Kanji 鷹取小夜(たかとり さや)
 Romaji Takatori Saya
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Gender Female
 Affiliations Omamori-sama
 Anime Debut Episode 10
 Japanese VA Nanri Yuuka (TV)
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Saya Takatori (鷹取 小夜 Takatori Saya) is the daughter of Akiyo Takatori who descended from a long line of white-haired women where she has maintained the success of the Takatori household by appeasing the childlike spirit Omamori-sama.


Saya is a beautiful slim young woman with hip-length white hair that is tied in a low fishtail braid with bangs hanging on the left side and icy-blue eyes.

She chooses dresses as her main attire.

Oddly, her hair starts turning brown as well, perhaps symbolizing the end of her "job".


Saya is a shy and easily intimidated girl who apologizes profusely even when the other is at fault. At first she is reluctant to let Ushio Aotsuki destroy the barrier imprisoning Omamori-sama, as the backlash of energy would destroy her, but she relents when Tora decides to deflect the backlash. In the aftermath, she tells Ushio of her decision to become stronger like him and slowly becomes more outgoing and healthier.


Ushio Aotsuki first encounters Saya at a hot spring, their meeting is brief as she runs away after being flummoxed by noticing Ushio and Tora.

Due to the unique bloodline she's descended from, she can see & communicate with spirits. She's tasked with taking care of a zashiki warashi (Household god) named Omamori-sama at her home. She has a weak constitution and remains bedridden for half the year and is considered of little use by her father & grandmother.

She meets Ushio again at the behest of Omamori-sama, who requests Ushio and Tora to break the barrier that keeps her bound to Saya's household. She wishes this in an attempt to set Saya free and let her live her own life without her family's burden.

Saya develops more confidence in herself after the incident and Omamori-Sama is shown to continue staying by Saya's side even after being released from her barrier.

Saya is one of the girls chosen to save Ushio after his transformation into a beast.

Power & Abilities[]

Like Akiyo Takatori and those before her, Saya has the ability to open the Gates of Hell once in her lifetime where she opens the Gates of Hell to revive fallen allies in their final fight against Hakumen no Mono. Once the battle is over, Omamori decides to close the Gates of Hell in her place, with her mother watching on the opposite side of the gate.

Able to see Youkai: Saya inherited a bloodline where she can see spirits.


  • The name Saya means "small" (小) (sa) and "night" (夜) (ya).
  • Saya's surname Takatori means "hawk, falcon" (鷹) (taka) and "take, fetch, take up" (取) (tori).