Shizuri was a Yuki-Onna (Snow Lady) created by her mother, Asagiri, to freeze a human city out of her mother's hatred of humans. She fell in love with a human high schooler named Yasu when, while she was in a human guise, he showed her kindness and concern as she sat alone on a frozen sidewalk.

She was forced by Asagiri to summon freezing blizzards, hail and relentless snow upon a city until Yasu and Ushio appeared to try to convince her to stop. Asagiri attacked the two humans and Shizuri could not bear to see the one she loved be killed and defied her mother. But then Sanpitara Kamui appeared and explained that Asagiri was betrayed by the human man she had fallen in love with because he was horrorified to discover his wife was a Yuki-Onna. Shizuri tried to sympahize wth her mother's pain but Asagiri would not listen ,resulting in a car exploding and flames. Yasu shielded Shizuri from the flames to protect her even though humans freeze by touching Yuki-Onna. Accepting her fate, Shizuri melted away.

Asagiri went with Sanpitara to a new place to live and it is revealed that if a man who loves a Yuki-Onna holds her until she melts she is reborn a human from the melted ice-water, and that is what happened with Shizuri. She became human and was able to truly be with Yasu.