Sumako Aotsuki
Sumako anime design
 Kanji 蒼月須磨子(あおつき すまこ)
 Romaji Aotsuki Sumako
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Age 146+
 Gender Female
 Relatives Shigure Aotsuki (husband)
Ushio Aotsuki (son)
 Japanese VA Sakamoto Maaya (TV)

Sumako Aotsuki (蒼月須磨子, Aotsuki Sumako), before marriage Sumako Hizaki (日崎須磨子(ひざき すまこ)), is the mother of Ushio Aotsuki and wife of Shigure Aotsuki. And the third generation keeper of Hakumen no Mono, imprisoning the 9-Tailed Fox with her barrier. During her time as Hakumen's jailer, Sumako had a vision of a son she would have who would be the Chosen Wielder of the Beast Spear. She was allowed freedom for 2 years, during which she met and married Shigure Aotsuki and had his son. Sadly, she was forced to leave them and return to her sacred duty, and never got to be with her son.

Appearance Edit

She has long black hair, pale skin, and greenish brown eyes, and facially resembles her son.

Personality Edit

As being the gatekeeper of the strongest creature, she is very calm natured and does not lose her mind. As seen in all the scenes she meditates to keep the barrier strong.


Power & AbilitiesEdit

Barrier Creation: As the gatekeeper of the Hakumen no Mono, she is able to create barrier to restraint Hakumen no Mono from rampaging and also stop others youkai attack Hakumen no Mono.