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 Romaji Towako
 Species Yokai
 Status Dead
 Gender Female
 Affiliations The House of The Whisperers
 Relatives Kirio Inasa (Foster Son)
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Towako is a Bunshin (Avatar) of Hakumen no Mono in the form of a human woman. She approached a man named Inasa who had defected from the Kouhamei Sect to carry out his experiments. She funded the experiments and aided in them, many of which were successful, including creating a yokai-slaying weapon called the Elzaar Scythe. Then Inasa attempted to create Materia to wield the scythe, but none of his experiments worked.

Towako stole a human infant and used him to create Materia resulting in Kirio Inasa. To insure Inasa's silence and prevent his interference, Towako poisoned him and raised Kirio as his adoptive mother. She instilled in the boy the idea of the Sect so fixated on the Beast Spear that they could not acknowledge the superiority of the Elzaar Scythe, which could be mass-produced so anyone could use it. Thus, she instructed him in how to destroy the Beast Spear.

But this was just a ruse as Towako was using Kirio as a pawn to destroy the Beast Spear on the orders of her master, Hakumen no Mono.

Shigure Aotsuki found her out and forced her to reveal herself as a Bunshin, and without a twinge of remorse, she admitted to Kirio she never loved him, that she had only ever thought of him as a tool and pawn.

However, Towako's plot failed as Giryou, the man who forged the Beast Spear and existed inside its shaft, sensed Towako's pressence which was akin to Hakumen no Mono's, the yokai on whom he so ruthlessly desired revenge. The Beast Spear returned to Ushio Aotsuki's hand. In the ensuing battle, Towako was injured and begged Kirio to help her. Uner emotional stress and shock, Kirio complied, still under the impression Towako loved him. But Towako made the mistake of trying to kill everyone present, not even onsidering Kirio. This did not escape Kirio's notice and he literally backstabbed Towako to stop her.

With her dying breath, Towako obliged to a request Kirio asked of her, to tell him the lie she had tricked him with. And she said, "Kirio, I love you."

She then burst into flames.

But this was not the last of Towako: After Hakumen no Mono finally broke free, it transformed one of its tails into a giant-sized Towako as it ravaged Japan.