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Yuu Hiyama
Yuu anime design.jpg
 Kanji 檜山勇(ひやま ゆう)
 Romaji Hiyama Yū
 Species Human
 Status Alive
 Gender Female
 Japanese VA Toyosaki Aki (TV)
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Yuu Hiyama (檜山勇, Hiyama Yū)



Power & Abilities[]


She first encounters Ushio in the airport when he's making the trip to Hokkaido. Her father was a pilot who was killed in a plane crash caused by a Yokai called Fusuma, the same Yokai attacks Yu and Ushio on their plane but is defeated by the combined efforts of Yu, Ushio and Tora. She expresses a desire to meet him again before they part ways

She is one of the girls chosen to help save Ushio after his transformation into a beast ( a side-effect of using too much of the Beast Spear's power )